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Press release, December 2, 2011 11:27 AM EDT . . .

Atlantic Track and Turnout Co. announces purchase of Conley Frog and Switch movable bridge patterns and patent rights to easer rail arrangements for vertical, swing and draw-type bridges.

Atlantic Track and Turnout Co. has added additional capacity for the supply of bridge, sliding and expansion joints for fixed and movable railroad bridges. With the purchase of certain inventory, patterns and patent rights, the acquisition will expand Atlantic Track's range of bridge products to include an all-rail design expansion joint for CWR installation; Conley-design two and three piece manganese joints for movable bridges; and easer rail arrangements for both vertical lift and swing-type bridges. The purchase also expands Atlantic's range of products for use in track scales.

Since 1933, Conley bridge joints have been in service on railroad bridges throughout the United States and are still widely used today. Atlantic Track offers a complete line of Conley manganese bridge and sliding joints as well as a newly-patented easer rail arrangement that carries the train wheel over the gap between the rails on the land and bridge. Offering field service, engineering design, installation support, and the capability to refurbish existing joints, Atlantic Track brings quality solutions to rails on movable bridges.

Atlantic Track manufactures special trackwork at its plants in Memphis, TN; Richmond, IL; St. Clair, PA and Clyo, GA.


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