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Press release, August, 2012 . . .

Atlantic Track purchases Asquith Butler gantry-type CNC milling machine.

Atlantic Track purchases Asquith Butler gantry-type CNC milling machine for its Richmond, IL, trackwork manufacturing facility. This new equipment is expected to double switch point output. Expected completion of machine installation: May 2013



Atlantic Track is pleased to welcome two new employees --- Chris Leeth and Jim Spruell.

Chris Leeth has over 30 years’ experience in the rail industry, having held positions at Balfour Beatty Rail, LB Foster, Unitrac, and A+K. Chris will be working in our new Indianapolis, IN, office to develop our relay business and source relay materials for our plants in Memphis, TN and Clyo, GA.

Jim Spruell is a graduate of Penn State with a BS Degree in Electrical Engineering. Jim will be working at our St. Clair, PA, plant where he will assist in the rebuild of the 84C saw drill line.


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