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Atlantic Track & Turnout Co. has been in the railroad material supply business since 1924. We inventory every ASCE, AREA, ARA-A and ARA-B rail section that is presently produced throughout the world. Complementing our inventory of rail and OTM is a full line of new and reconditioned switch material from 136-lb. per yard to 80-lb. per yard according to AREA, AREMA, or customer specifications.


New Rail We inventory every type of ASCE, AREA, ARA-A, ARA-B and CR rail section that is presently produced throughout the world. Each piece of new rail in our inventory is documented by a mill certificate or a test report.

Relay Rail Our inventory of relay rail changes according to availability. We can supply rails and matching accessories to meet any specification. Normal inventory consists of rail 140-lb per yard through 60-lb per yard. All of our relay rail is guaranteed to be straight, uniform in height and drilling and completely suitable for use in any top-grade track system.

Joint Bars There are three types of standard joint bars which are currently in service. Six hole joint bars are provided for all new tee rail sections over 100-lb per yard. New rail 100-lb per yard and less is furnished with four-hole joint bars. All relay rail is supplied with matching joint bars.

Tie Plates fasten the rail to the tie and maintain gage and alignment of rails in track. New double shoulder tie plates are available for 5-1/2" and 6" base rail and are manufactured according to AREA specifications. Used double shoulder tie plates can be supplied to fit most rail bases. New single shoulder tie plates are no longer available, but they can be furnished as used and will fit any rail section.

New and Reconditioned Turnouts New turnouts are required for main line use on class one railroads. For all other applications, our reconditioned turnouts can be installed without sacrificing safety or durability. Stock switches are packaged in order to minimize loss of materials in shipment. Stock frogs are solid manganese self-guarded.

Ties Both new and used treated railroad ties in 6 inch and 7 inch widths and various grades are available from stock.

Timbers can be supplied in individual lengths or as pre-packaged sets. Our new or used timbers can ship separately or along with your turnouts to provide you with a complete package.

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Spikes are produced from hot rolled steel bars and are shipped in 200-lb. kegs. Atlantic Track also maintains a complete inventory of screw spikes, drive spikes and boat spikes.

Bolts Tee rail requires standard button-head oval-neck track bolts with heavy square or hex nuts. Lockwashers are furnished on request.

Derails are available as double end or single end, sliding or hinged, portable or permanent, to suit your exact application. Warning signs and operating stands can be supplied to complete any derail.

Bumping Posts Yards require bumping posts at the ends of the track to provide a stop for cars. The AN3 bumping post is economical, strong and is ideal for most general service applications. Bumping posts can be shipped from stock.

Track Panels provide a quick and economical way to replace tracks in busy, high-volume areas. Panels can be built with either new or relay rail to match your track conditions.

Track Tools A wide variety of track tools are available form stock to suit all of your track needs.

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